mercredi 24 février 2016

Moody February

Let's say it, loud and clear, this month has been dull and kinda depressing. Nothing bad happened, and for that I'm grateful of course. I am well aware of being among the few ones on this planet who has the luxury of complaining about futilities of the sort, and somehow that makes me feel guilty of feeling the way I feel, because really I have nothing to complain about: I am alive, I am healthy except for the occasional cold, I have all my limbs, clothes on my body and even a winter coat, I have a great husband, an adorable little girl, a place I can call home, with heating and electricity, food in my fridge, a computer, the Internet, a job which I have chosen and most of the time adore, fine colleagues to work with; amazing friends; great projects for the future because supposedly I also have a future.

And here I am, complaining about being tired from correcting exams, and from nursing my sick husband and daughter (the occasional flu); from hearing her all day long asking me a myriad of different things that are never exactly as she wanted them; from having dirty dishes piling up incessantly in my kitchen, as well as laundry to be ironed in my bedroom, from having my living room turned into a daycare everyday several times per day, from constantly running after time when I know it's bad for me and all I should do is meditate. I'm sad to hear the world complain and not be able to do anything for them.

So, I'm going to do as told: I'm going to stop complaining myself, figure out all my shit, be content with what I'm lucky to have, and spread the joy...

And also, I'm going to eat that ice cream...

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