dimanche 3 avril 2016

Breaking point

Get up, get dressed, get breakfast, go to work, be professional, smile. Get the bus, surrounded by people all acting like zombies, be dead tired, get your kids from school, prepare dinner, brush their teeth, read a story, kiss goodnight. Hear them complain that they haven’t seen you all day, all week, all month. Cry inside because it’s true. Because there’s nothing you can do about it. Feel that you desperately need time to think. THINK. Figure it out. Figure life out. Time to understand your emotions, your family’s emotions, be healthy, happy, connected, centered. Time to change things, to live life, to wonder a minute what it is to LIVE and not only to exist. But you’re too damn tired. So you sleep in front of TV, and then you get up, get dressed, get breakfast, etc. Get depressed, get something new that makes you feel alive. For 5 minutes. Eat. Buy. Consume. Numb yourself. And start again. 

Until breaking point.

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